The board began to protect itself from surrogate advertising

CB began to avoid surrogate advertising, while the sponsors of the series from New Zealand still do not include any “news website” whose genuine work is being questioned.

Pakistan cricket has also had a few dubious sponsors in the past few years, although apparently they are news websites, but some of them were reported to be related to gambling companies, they were operating here with a slight name change. After the mutual series, this continued in PSL as well, some players protested against it.

Today Cricket News In Pakistan

Muhammad Rizwan had hidden the logo of the sponsor of Multan Sultans with tape in the final matches. When this matter escalated, PCB also had to take action. “Dafa News” is not included in the sponsors of the series from New Zealand this time. In other countries, a company called “Dafa Bets” with the same logo sponsors cricket.
Therefore, PCB said that the sponsor company of Pakistani cricket is News Site, in the recent series, other similar companies have not been allowed to do sponsorship.

Sources said that the officials felt that the surrogate sponsorship was creating the wrong impression, so the marketing department and the rights company in the home series from New Zealand were advised to stay away from them for now.
In the list that came out yesterday, the title sponsor is a bank, other companies also do not include any such “news site”, it is not clear whether this action of the board is only for one series or it is for all future events. will be implemented.

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